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Hard left splinter party celebrate North Korea’s triumph under Kim Jong-Il

Over at The Steamie today, I take a look at the reaction of the Glasgow contingent of the Communist Party of Great Britain (Marxist-Leninist) to the death of Kim Jong-Il earlier this week.

Sample quote:

“We believe the media’s response has been, quite predictably, hysterical and with massive undertones of chauvinism and racism; mocking a culture’s grieving process really exposes the limitations of apparent British liberalism.

“The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea offers its citizens free housing, free healthcare, the life expectancy is 75 and the WHO recently reported the healthcare, particularly the rate of doctors to citizen ratio, was some of the highest in the developing world, free kindergarten care so women can obtain meaningful equality (unlike in Western nations, where women are made to feel guilty if they pursue careers and then face multiple oppressions as they juggle family and work ‘duties’).

“Employment is a human right and guaranteed, education is free including higher education, it’s a tax-free nation, subsidised food and commodity items are open to all, and is a society free of drug abuse, prostitution, and organised and violent crime.

“Further, the citizens feel a tremendous sense of unity and trust with one another, children are socialised in a safe environment without sexualisation and the population doesn’t suffer from the constant bombardment of advertising and consumerism that really damages self esteem and confidence of young people in Britain.