Adam Phillips interview

Back in 2009, I did an interview with the psychoanalyst Adam Phillips, author of Promises, Promises, On Kissing, Tickling, and being Bored, and most recently On Balance.

We discussed what a child psychologist wants for his own children, why he rejects modern technology like email, and why writing feels “automatic” for him.

The audio is here.

The transcript is here.

3 responses to “Adam Phillips interview

  1. Fantastic interview, the audio version doesn’t seem to be working though?

    • Jennifer O'Mahony

      do you know a good audio hosting programme that will allow me to post a clip at this length? They keep failing on me..

  2. You could try soundcloud? or even youtube? By the way, I wasn’t notified that you had replied to me. I just came back, 10 months later, on the off chance that it had been reloaded. Funny how these things happen.

    You could post the interview as a file for download through rapid-share, or possibly through this website? I’m still interested to hear it, if you’re still obliging.

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